About Us

Welcome to Apex Menswear; where quality, fashion and custom men's products come together. We've scoured through manufacturers to bring you premium menswear and accessories.

It's our attention to quality that sets us apart from the competition. We only source and sell quality products and our relationships we create with our manufacturers is vital in this regard. We are NOT a catch all website that stocks 1000's of products because most products simply don't meet our quality standards.

Apex Menswear is quickly becoming the #1 online destination for premium menswear and accessories. Our loyal customers come back because of our passion for quality goods, fast and free shipping, top notch customer support and no hassle returns. 

Don't believe us? Just get in touch with us. Tyler (the Founder) responds to many emails himself and will happily talk to you about our products, fashion trends and more. 

Rest assured that when you shop at Apex Menswear that your information is protected. We use industry leading 256-bit SSL encryption which basically means your personal information is more protected than Fort Knox.

Without further ado, welcome to Apex Menswear!